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December 27, 2005
It was great running with ‘Red Team’ and pursuing the Grand Challenge. The team’s mission and accomplishments inspired ourselves as we inspired others. We pushed the bounds of what is possible. A lot of that is still going on, and there is a lot yet to come. We created a leap of technology, high robot adventure, and leaders of tomorrow. The Red Team delivered greatness. We lit up our world and cast high vision. People got where they were going. It was wonderful to operate with the team’s values of integrity and excellence. We were a great family. For people who ran with the Red Team, the door is forever open and the hearth is warm. Thank you all from dumpster dumpster rental charlotte and

Red Team Enterprises, LLC has incubated from the roots of Red Team. Red Team Enterprises will build commercially on the legacy of Red Team. Go forth. Do well.

Red Team is no more. Thanks for the dance.
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